Wednesday, 4 March 2009


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Last week i had a very informative, slightly uneasy but wonderful evening at Columbia's Miller Theatre, but it "wasnt supposed to be comfortable" Justin Dillion, producer of the film Call and Response told me. true the film touches on some sensitive subjects....

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A short movie exposing the modern day reality of slavery. I've done some work with uk based organisation STOP THE raising awareness on trafficking (see cheesy pic)... Cherie Booth QC spoke on behalf of stop the traffik on human rights day last year about the issue so it wasn't completely new to me, however its a wonderful sign that Justin decided to create this film, not for the faint hearted but its happening as i type, and its probably happening in your community in some form. Its a major issue and i believe we all have a social responsibly to create better accountability and bodies to end this.

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So what is slavery? not nec just in the terms of forced labour, although forced labour is still active, esp for example on the cocoa plantations of West Africa. But it also includes, sex slaves, young girls and boys (very young) who are bought and sold, women who are promised new and exciting job opportunities only to find out they are to work in brothels, i actually found out through stopthetraffick that Croydon, South London (home of Kate Moss) was actually home to one of the biggest trafficking rings, with millions of sex slaves! what Croydon with the new shopping centre? so deep!

I also spoke to some amazing photographers who actually complied a book called Sex and Money,of photos they had taken across the globe, check out the link, for more information please copy and paste

Musicians such as Emmanuel Jah, Nastasha Bedlingfoeld (i love her!!!) , Talib Kwali, of course Justin Dillion and Matisyahu (im leaving his video at the end of the post, he was aswesome! it was my first taste of Matisyahu! better late than never!) Dr Cornel West also offers some wonderful insights. Let do something!

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Glenn said...

This is a very good read!

Marian said...

Great cause if there ever was one! Sometimes the most moving things make us uncomfortable as they touch on such disturbing issues.
You look delish in that shot!
Marian x