Thursday, 26 March 2009

Plus Model Magazine! - The Freedom To Be You!

Its always wonderful to feel celebrated, I love finding out about the latest industry trends and developments, one of the leading publications out there is Plus Model Magazine! There is a great plus size community here in NY, so much empowering stuff...

I caught up with the editor of Plus Magazine , Madeline Figueroa Jones, her magazine is totally inspiring, enjoy!

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1)How long has Plus Model magazine been running for?

PLUS Model Magazine has been hitting the virtual air waves for nearly three years. We will be celebrating our third year this coming July.

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2) What kinda features can we expect to read about in your magazine?

Our magazine is geared towards the plus size modeling industry, its fashions and anything that celebrates the industry itself such as the designers, photographers, etc. We like to give the readers knowledge of the industry but also appeal to those women who have no interest in modeling but want style tips and ideas on how to look good in this seasons newest styles.

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3) You have the most beautiful cover models, how do u select who should front your magazine?

It’s a very thought out process. 99% of the cover models are signed models or models who have been shooting and working as freelance models for a while. I have to know that if I set up a shoot with that model that I am going to get that awesome shot for the cover. We did make one exception with this years January cover model, Katie Reed. Her pictures were amazing and she is someone who we believe will go far in this industry. I'm always mindful to include different looking models in order to appeal to our wide audience.

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4) What has the response to the magazine been like?

We would not be into our third year of virtual production without the support of the industry. Everyone from agency bookers and owners, models, photographers and makeup artist make this magazine come to the readers every month. Without them there would be no PLUS for our readers. Our readers are our heroes... they are the ones who help support us with feedback, emails of encouragement and sometimes constructive criticism. We are all growing together.

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5) As an editor you are constantly being updated on the changes and developments in the plus market. How do you think the plus market has evolved since you started the magazine?

In the past three years I have seen the larger names like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein develop plus lines which is something we all thought would never happen. Yet I think the development of the smaller boutiques and designers is what has inspired me the most. We have online stores dedicated to plus size clothing and now we even have our own vintage store right here in New York! I think that even though we are in a recession the plus size community is still thriving because we support one another and inspire one another.

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If you are in NY on the 19th of April Plus Model Magazine have teamed up with the National MS Society to go on a walk, towards finding a cure for MS which still does not have a cure. For more information or to partake go to:

and to check out the magazine

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Marian said...

Lovely piece, great questions. I like the Suzanne cover the most!
Muah x

t*e*i*k*o*d*o*r*n*o*r said...

thanks doll! yes the dress she is wearing is amazing...!

Nu Kynk said...

You are an inspiration... keep up the good work!