Saturday, 1 November 2008

go Whitney

I couldnt let 2008 go past without posting a feature on Whitney Thompson, winner of American's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks is one of my heros, she is so very accomplished and has definately done alot for the industry.

She is a plus sized model proving that fashion needs ad is ready to embrace another type of beauty. We are more than capable, and as ive always believed beauty is certainly not one dimensional! Go definately going to try track her down for an interview on my blog! We love you Whitney!

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Nigel Barker rocks!

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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

JULY 08: 21.07.08 aint i? ....quiet fabulous and full of love

Teiko, how does it feel to be forever 21? y great i guess.....

went out with my dear friend and stylist Marian, i loved every moment

summer frolics...

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chillin at tabbycats...

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with my girls at modiva fashion tv party ,uber stylist Marian of the House Of Style, Besty and Miggy.

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i caught up with True Love magazine's Kemi Ogunleye.

True Love is a leading women's magazines sold in Nigerian and South Africa, Kemi was down for an event in London, was a fun interview, for more information check out .

Sunday, 1 June 2008

lack of travel sickness....

i love to travel..took a break, went to in love with Scotland btw. Then Paris and had a blast came back...relaxed....

Thursday, 1 May 2008

MAY 08: Model of the Week...Bella Sugar

Nearly half way into 08....where did the year go? aight so an extra exciting feature... catching up with my year talking about the fab Nicolay gig, and Miss Plus Africa....(more on MPA later) ....well read the interview... by YES WE CAN Aimee Tomlin x
The pics im posting are taken by Lars Rehm, he took my first cover shot.... for Mimi , a couple of years ago, and it was fun catching up after so long! Spot the massive red London bus in there! u gosta love it....for more information go to

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

APRIL 08: CLUTCH feature....

Clutch Magazine is the new face of the urban “it"girl; offering a delicious mix of the best in fashion, beauty, life, culture, and more. Clutch aims to appeal to every side of today’s multicultural woman”the fashionista, the working girl, the conscious mind, the social butterfly, the up and comer”and empowers readers to make informed choices about the myriad of decisions that impact their world.

I was asked to feature, thrilled, its a great site, check out the interview! by talented writer Dale Coachman...

Friday, 1 February 2008

FEB 2008 ..i always wanted to be a video chick...

Aside from chanting to football chorus' i hooked up with Wanlov, dj/producer Ritch Pitch, Mensa, Mr Hagan on a beats...who also doubled as a fantastic assistant! ...!a very surreal experience..i just did my walk...the song was appropriately titled "only your walkings" involved me walking up and down the streets of Accra, the reactions where the best....

a lil background on the team i worked with...u must CHECK EM ALL OUT,
...also chilled with Panji, King Luu, the wonderful Hungarian/Ghanaian empress Sena Reggie Rockstone- the legend himself!!! While i was there President , former ish US President Bush took a lil trip to Ghana, nothing to do with the discovery of oil...more like a friendly initative to combat..wait for it...malaria, so on the bright side, plus size beauty Jordin Sparks flew by (she loved it too!)

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