Monday, 28 June 2010

football and fashion!

just gettin over my weekend, first of all loads of football... clearly ive been supporting England and Ghana throughout the world cup season, almost going into cardiac arrest, screaming at the tv screen! i almost forgot the range of emotions one can go through in a 90 min game of football...

well ...go Ghana, ahh my Blackstars! 2-1 against the was also my husbands birthday this weekend so yeah Ghana winning was icing on the cake..;-)The following day i went to go church,to thank God clearly, and pray for England!..oh 4-1 u know, not even 1-0......i still love u England, if ur going to do something (like lose) mightaswell do it well right.>?..;-0 ...

I also got the last day of the Clothes Show at Earls Court, was really cool,here are some of the highlights...

amazing fashion shows which represented some of the worlds major fashion capitals...Paris, London, Tokoyo, New York...

I caught up with designers from the Untold fashion collective...

lovin the earrings....Mary Ononokpono piece ...

Adore the yellow bag.. macthes my

Ola and shoe designer Dionne Gooding, who also has shoe parties! sounds like fun!

Z of Zed Eye, google zed eye..lovely pieces...

Lanyero copy and paste for her facebook group!

Bumi Thomas in Zed Eye, lovin the skirt!

Make me beautiful...Make Up Artist Misha @ Sleek made me over, eyes and lips are big this season!



Young Free and Jingle...Amazing pieces...

The fabs founders!

bumped into my cousin! very nice surprise!

Finally met fashion stylist Lauraine Bailey in person, love the headpiece!

Ethical Fashion Forum

In the green is Henrietta Ludgate, winner of the ethical fashion forum and has an amazing studio in the Scottish Highlands. Using tweed, organic fleece and recycled cotton she is defo keeping fashion ethical and sustainable.

Tara Smith...great personality, caught up with her and got a wonderful goody bag full of treats...

Hangin out in an Zed Eye clothing!

Vintage Manhatten Jewels... 1of my favourite spots of the day!

overall a good weekend,, football, who says the two cant go hand in hand?

x Teiko

Friday, 4 June 2010

Gettin Carried away....clearly!

ok so last year i was like , no more alcohol, not like im an alcoholic but i was kinda thinkin, ive outgrown my frivolous Uni student party ways, and it was one decision closer to becoming a responsible adult....i even had a conversation with my friend Martin about how cool it is to be the only sober person at a party...1 house party later i thought "who needs self imposed rules"...the Sex and the city movie night, pre arranged by my mates Kerrie and Mourine reminded me that some rules are actually worth sticking too! ....not quite sure what happened during that film, the last thing i remember was the cab driver telling me about the crazy drunkards on road, and me thinking...gosh i hope he hasn’t figured out there is 1 behind him!!... if any of u see me drinking, just make sure its juice!!!!

great food, good company!

pre movie drinks...

group hug!

moved on to cinema photo session!

our own acting skills going on!

fun times! love u girls, Sex and the City2....not sure, but life being full of love , friends and fashion- a definate!

x Teiko

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

World Cup 2010

THE WORLD CUP if you haven noticed its fast approaching, lots media attention, lil bits i found on some of my fav ballers reminding us football capable of making positive changes not just eye candy (David Beckham...sigh ;-)

Chantelle Tagoe! fiancé of England player Emile Heskey, loved her on Wags Kids and World Cup dreams, never even heard of her before, but apparently she likes to keep a low profile, loved her approach and attitude, check out the show on bbc iplayer....copy and paste this link, she has her own blog 2

Stephen Appiah

if you are Ghanaian you definitely know him, if not Google him, very talented! Joins the likes of Gary Linekar, Queen Rania and David James to support GOAL: Education for all giving children access to an education! Amazing, the website is really good, check it out ....

Michael Essien

ok by this stage you would have guessed that I am supporting Ghana and England, this world cup! Fellow Ghana squad player, Michael Essien supported the victims of the earthquake in China earlier this year, and also has a key role to play (get it... to play ;-) in the kick Racism out of football campaign!

check out the kick racism out of football campaign!

Nwankwo Kanu


Respect where respect is due. After being diagnosed with a rare heart condition whilst playing in Italy earlier in his career, he has transformed lives all over Africa with his foundation which funds life changing operations for children, giving them a new lease of life. Check out for more info!

meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Sulley Muntari

Last but not least, Sulley Muntari, he’s gone from Portsmouth to Inter Milan, and with his long term partner and manager Menaye Donkor, they continue to provide education, healthcare and opportunities for children in Ghana. Working with Menaye, founder of Menaye International School (soon to be Menaye academy) Sulley and Menaye are inspiring.

check out


stay blessed x Teiko