Wednesday, 30 December 2009


As well as re newing the gym membership, saying your going to give up drugs/drinking/shopping/saturated fats/gambling (delete as appropriate;-) 2010 promisies to be whatever u allow for yourself and embrace!

Starting again this year is the WE GIRLS ROCK programme! its inspiring and refreshing and is a great way of providing information and steps to achieving your goals and making those dreams come true!

Its targeted at girls (hence the name riiiiiiiiiiiight?;) and it commences this Jan! Spread the word and get involved!

Pics from the information evening for WE Girls ROCK, an organisation created by psychology grad and for winner of Ms Black Britain UK the stunning Rachel Williams! More info...

We Girls Rock is all about having fun while learning and performing new skills! We are here to support, encourage and educate you about different areas of work. We will provide Seminars and Courses where you can gain information and actively explore your desired type of work. We will run courses for aspiring, Radio and TV presenters, Singers, Models, Dancers, Fashion Designers, Footballers, Swimmers, Athletes, Comedians, Event Organisers, DJ’s and many more.

What do we do?

We organise Seminars with Top Experts and Celebrities for you to listen to their success story, while outlining their challenges and achievements; you will also receive useful information needed to progress in your career. You will then have the opportunity to sign up to unlimited number of courses where you can practice and learn new skills, while being taught by the Expert/ Celebrity. And it doesn’t stop there, you will then have the chance to perform your skills at a quarterly event, open to your friends and family scouts in that given industry and the general public.

So just that you understand: For all the girls dreaming of becoming a DJ, you will be invited to a seminar, where you will be given information about the ‘whole world of DJ-ing’ from a Top female DJ! You can then sign up to a short 1-2 day course where you can practice what you already know and learn new skills, using the equipment in a radio/music station! Then you and the other girls will have the chance to show off your new skills to your friends, family, and scouts in Dj-ing industry (Radio Station, Music Channels, e.t.c.) at a Top Exclusive Night Club!!

Who we are looking for?

We Are looking for Ambitious, Fun, Career Minded young women* who are wanting to learn more about their desired field of work.
*aged 16+

What do you need to do now?

Simply send an email to TV@WEGIRLSROCK.COM, leave your Name, Number and Email. Also state what your interest is in.


We will then contact you when our courses are due to begin. If you are on FB, type in We girls rock in the search box!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ghana this Christmas....?

waridooo....actually i said that to my friend and he was like huh...what i mean is what it do, r u? ok so i haven't blogged in weeks, but i needed to scream and shout about the realise of my friends album...SAFETY FIRST! Glenn , myself and Paapa (aka Mister Max) shot the pics for the cover a while back, u know how time flies...the album is out MONDAY...if ur one of the Ghana for Christmas crew then the launch is @ Cinderella's, well ill post the flyer!

Chillin...Nana Adoma, Nana Akua and Mr Maxxxx.....

If u are in Gh, lucky!! also check out Mensa, who has a new album is also out with his first track Ajuma...(work) in the Akan language! mann im sad im not going Gh, we gotta do something about that! enjoy...

my personal ;-)...

Wanlov is also in missin out mehn!!!! ;( anyway its snowing here, nothing can beat a white Christmas right? x

check out bless the Mic ....

have a warm beautiful suni Christmas....x Teiko

check out

watch this space! laters x

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Miss Black Britain UK ...

MISS BLACK BRITAIN not me...;-) well ...

It was a Saturday night, rainy wet windly and grey, yes all things British ;-) ... i went over to the mermaid theatre to watch the finals of Miss Black Britain, its aim was to highlight the achievements, beauty and talent of beautiful women....i met so many beautiful girls, i really loved their attitude and although there was only one winner, they are all inspiring and worthy of the crown....

the beautiful co host Rachael Williams, (i love the red lips)..she is also the winner of the first ever Miss Black Britain-shines like a star!

lead singer of the noisettes Singai Shoniwa! Stunning! i love her hair for real x

Yola - a favourite finalist (Jamaican descent)

Renata finalist. lovely smile...(Jamaican descent)

Nicole - i love her smile! (Jamaican descent)

Mercy finalist - (Ghanaian decent)

Rikaya finalist (Chinese and Bajan decent)

Chantel (St Lucian descent)

and the winner is....

girls post title

Rikaya and I. The winner of Miss Black Britain 2009! Well Done.

Nicole - 2nd runner up

Chantel-3rd runner up

Yola- stunning dress

Ola and I

Screen Nations Charles Thompson and I

Ola and Anita -event organiser

Ola Rachael Lari and I...3am we still look wonderful...cough cough...;-)

feathers! i love her jacket, Natalia and Samira!

Designers Lanyero and BBi ;-)

lovin the feathers!

finalists backstage

clothes clothes and more clothes

Demi and I pose the night away....


The beautiful make up guru Eryca Freemantle and her daughter

She got it from her momma! ;-) Well Done sure u'll do us proud!

Ok im leaving u with my favourite song from the Noisettes ...celebrating all things British! we love u x

Thursday, 12 November 2009

from Russia with love.....

ok so the night goes a lil something like this, watching cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model, a couple of drinks, some snacks, Kerrie and I like omg Nastasha is our girl! (please over look the fact that she has never met either of us) so this inspired the rest of our beautiful headpiece, straight from Moscow (u know how we do) and a camera!

Kerrie and I are not always a good combination! infact i take that back! an extremely good combination! so Natasha Galkina...gurl we love u! .... leaving with u pics of the Natasha, hugely successful supermodel Natalia Vondianova and plus size Russian model Katya Zharkova ...and ofcourse Teiko Dornor.....

my beautiful photographer...remember "1,2,3 SUCK IN" ....u have to work in sync with the photographer..Tyra gives great advice...

Many thanks to Tyra Banks, Natasha Galkina, Katya Zharkova,Natalia Vodianova and ofcourse Kerrie Cowans....

Below is the reason why we love Natasha! X