Wednesday, 10 August 2011

my Pageant Queen...

i love beauty pageants, eye candy really.. although i mustn't forget that talents, skills and other non physical factors are important when deciding on the winner.....pageants have been going on since the 1800s and it seems like there aint no stopping them...

so....i was delighted to hear that my cousin Raquel is a contestant for Miss Ghana UK 2011! i have mentioned her before in a blog entry cos shes super smart, organised and talented, as well as a stunner! i asked her some questions to expose you to the beautiful Miss Raquel Larnyoh!

Tell us about yourself and why you want to b ms Ghana 2011?

My full name is Raquel Nueki Larnyoh, I am 21 years old, I am entering my final year at the University of Essex where I am studying Bsc Marketing and Finance I also work part time in banking. I love acting and I am pursuing a career in this field; I recently secured my second professional role in a London- based theatre production which I'm really excited about as it is also a lead role.

I want to be crowned Miss Ghana UK 2011 as I am a true representation of the term 'UK born Ghanaian'. Not only can I relate to others like me who fall into this and similar categories- I have the necessary drive and proficiency to empower them to aspire to be a people greatness and change.
I am often faced with doubtful responses when I mention my career aspirations alongside my degree, but my love for business and drama affirms my chosen direction. I am a young woman of no limits and will be whatever I want to be and this is the sort of mentality I want to endorse to my generation.
My main interest is Ghana’s current economic growth and ensuring UK Ghanaians are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to be a part of this development. I believe this is essential in ensuring that Ghana is safeguarded from the negative effects that growth can bring.
For me Miss Ghana UK is way beyond a beauty pageant; I am not putting myself forward as the most beautiful Ghanaian in the UK in fact that can’t be done, those around me are often subjected to my constant boasting of Ghanaians being the most beautiful people. Instead I put myself forward as one of the many Ghanaian beauties across the UK, beauty not being defined upon just physical attributes but also substance.

What are ur 5 favourite things about Ghana?

• Peace and togetherness- I am very proud of Ghana’s peaceful land, amongst all our deep rooted cultures and customs from the numerous tribes, we still live in harmony. I love the fact that every elder is my Aunt or Uncle in Ghana; and how I can easily begin a conversation with people I have never met before, still receiving the warm welcome no matter where I go Ghana. It’s these sorts of values I want to ensure is upheld in the UK.
• Food- yes most Sunday’s you will catch me back at home from university for my weekly fix of mum’s fufu and light soup. I love pepper as well and eat sheeto with everything- at one point it was even used as the spread in all my sandwiches.

• Cloth- African fashion is one of my new found loves. I am always impressed by the infinite styles, patterns and colors depicted in our traditional wear.
• Market life- where anything and everything is possible, I always learn something new about Ghana at Makola market in Accra (no matter how freaked out I am by my peoples culinary tastes!).
• Nightlife- Central London hasn’t got anything on Accra on a Friday night believe me.

What activities and experience do u have that will assist u with the role of Ms Ghana?

Both my academic and performing arts background will assist me in the role of Miss Ghana. I feel my business mind gives me an edge allowing me to define a clear vision which I have already begun to execute. My acting also enables me to present myself accordingly to fit and adapt to any environment I may find myself in when having to represent Ghana. With these skills combined I am confident and can assure my competency in fulfilling the role of Miss Ghana UK.

What do separates u from the other contestants and how will ur contribution be different?

What differentiates me from the other contestants is that I am already putting my vision into action; my worst nightmare is to find myself making promises and not seeing them through. So under the guidance of Ghanaian Londoner’s Youth Entrepreneurs Program I am already developing my social enterprise where I am learning how to home in on all my ideas as to not try to do too much all at once. I also stress the fact that I am not offering a charity but the tools my generation need to achieve their goals and career aspirations which will inevitably create Ghanaians in a position of power to give and add value back to our homeland.

Finally how do u find out more about u and support Raquel for Miss Ghana 2011?

You can find out more about my cause for entering Miss Ghana UK on the info section of my Facebook page,
if you support my vision please ‘like’ and of course feel free to make contact- I’m always open to ideas and of course more questions! I’m also using the page to keep everyone updated on my movement’s right up until the live event on Saturday 3rd September 2011 at Troxy, 490 Commercial Road London. If you can make it down please do, I will be posting info on how to get tickets on my page in the coming week..

Hope u love her as must as i do....

x Teiko