Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Filippa Hamilton? y Ralph y..

hmm first it was the controversial Glamour shot that caused a stir, now model Filippa Hamilton, a 5'10 Swedish beauty claims that Ralph Lauren fired her for putting on weight! "They fired me because they said I was overweight and I couldn't fit in their clothes anymore," she said.ouch...i think we would all agree that Filippa Hamilton stunning....the Japanese version of her ad was clearly photoshoped...

ok...big difference... Geoffrey Menin, her lawyer ... "gross distortion of how she really looks and which we fear will be extremely damaging to her."

and not surprisingly Ms Hamilton wasnt too pleased..."I think they owe American women an apology, a big apology," she said. "I'm very proud of what I look like, and I think a role model should look healthy."

how could this happen... noticed the little horses on the Ralph Lauren tops got way bigger...i guess his models didn't follow suite! oh well his loss! what a shame!

oh so serious...Designers take some responsibility! Ralph ur just wrong!

foxy Dahling....

Today is the premier of one of my favourite childhood storybooks..."Fantastic Mr Fox"...starring the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Michael Gambon, Owen Wilson, Helen McCrory, Willem Dafoe, Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody, Wes Anderson, Brian Cox, Roman Coppola.. and directed by Wes i thought i would take the opportunity to highlight Ms Dahl...who began her career as a plus size model but has recently published her very own cookbook, appropriately entitled "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights"..

an extract from the book...she talks about food, fashion and fame..always a good combination!

"When I began modelling I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of curiosity it carried with it. People had noticed me. Big women from all over the world wrote me congratulatory letters commending my big
bold form.
Newspapers breathlessly reported my strange fleshy phenomenon; a welcome backlash, finally, against the X-ray fashion industry. In the wake of the very angular, it seemed people wanted an anti-waif, a sensual woman who indulged in whatever she wanted.
Every woman in my family had been through a tricky adolescent over-spilling phase. The difference with mine was that it became a matter of public record, rather than something to look back on with tender mirth when presented with a family album.
We always joked as a family about our greediness. We described events by what we ate. There was, and is, a total ease and pleasure around food and cooking".....

"In the span of my career and travels I have come across women with extraordinary bodies who aren’t prisoners to frugal eating and self-inflicted misery. These are women who eat sensibly, who might have one day a week featuring some decadent eating and exercise in a way they enjoy.
These women are sexy. They are not necessarily reed thin but what they share is a total appreciation for food and eating and an understanding that whatever their body’s shape or size, they are in command. There is a joy about their being. I have also come across women who are self-restricted and miserable"...quote...

It actually sounds like a fantastic read...a woman of many talents it seems, breaking down boudaries once again! available @ Amazon...definately one for the Christmas stockin....

leaving you with a trailer of Fantastic Mr Fox,directed by Wes Anderson... check out the uber chic Mrs Fox!

HIS LIFE IS FANTASTIC! ... me too! x Teiko

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

a photographer and his muse...

i know how to spot a good photographer when i see one!!! lol...well my fabo friend Glenn and now Mr nominee for digital photograher of the year! rather major! i was well excited, he has really good angles, im leaving some shots of when we worked (hmm) together - nah what actually happened was i was attempting to develop my ds skills....i mean i needed to find out what all the fuss was about! ..also of the work that got him nominated in the first place...hes really cool..u go Glenn, ill be keepin u updated and im sure it will be good news, but until are some shots...

trigger happy y'all the link below is for the rest of his stuff

Arsenal shots.??!!..blah its all bout Beckham baby...La Galaxy...

stay blessed

x Teiko

Saturday, 10 October 2009

U-owe-it-to-yourself. Set the world on fire !!! J.Dunn

....So in the uk at the moment its Black history month...quote...a remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in February and the United Kingdom in the month of October... i think its always good to embrace , celebrate and learn from the past..recently whilst going to top up my oyster card (on my grind...the limo was being serviced?!hmm kay ;-) i saw like at least 4 front black cover models/celebs...which was a lot , probably the most ive seen in a month, i actually have no idea if this coincides with the BHM, also I’ve read conflicting information about editors reluctant to feature Black females on the front covers because of sales , Naomi recently spoke out on the issue but for now, I’m gonna keep it light hearted and post my all time favourite beautiful cover when credits due! rock on! ..

Liya Kebede..check out rocks..

Ms Leona Lewis ...loves it!

Janet is radiant here...

One of the first mainstream publication's to feature black women started out back in the 1960's...August 1968 issue belonged to Katiti Kironde, then a college student at Memorial University of and brains ..

The first black model to appear on the cover of Ladies' Home Journal in 1968, Naomi Sims enjoyed the title of being America's first black "super model."

Vogue's first model was the late Donyale Luna, March 68' she rocked...i love this shot..

Judy Stone described her as: “secretive, mysterious, contradictory, evasive, mercurial and insistent upon her multiracial lineage — exotic, chameleon strands of Mexican, American Indian, Chinese, Irish, and, last but least escapable, Negro.”..since then we've seen an emergence of talented beauties...

I love Tyra....curves b what? shes on fyah!

Naomi defies description. In ore...

Her skin tone is perfect..

Seriously im going to have a magazine and every edition I WILL BE COVERGIRL..isnt that like the on e v e r y cover! ? ;-)

Gotta love it...photographed by Emma Summerton, models Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, and Sessilee Lopez...

Beyonce Carter..this woman is inspiring.

Go RhiRhi..

No More Drama- Mary J..


Stay Blessed People..Enjoy ur weekend! x Teiko

where do babies come from? .....

so last night i went to see my sister Abigail, who has just had a new baby, like im totally in love, hes sooooooooooooo adorable, my lil KohKoh, (his name is Kofi Soloman...) but im stickin to Koh....hes just adorable...then i went to Kerries and saw this amazinly funny dvd...Knocked Up, gosh its the funniest movie, she was like asleep and it was me1 crackin up! away from my bed! like woke up 3 hours ago, my body clock has trained itself to think wakin up early is always a good thing....

Anyway ive calculated that anything goes nowadays, can u marry your nephew (in some cultures right.?..age difference.?.Jesus-good enough for Madonna good enough for me... move over boyfriend theres a new guy in was love at first sight ....:-)

did u see her cute blonde afro...thats so to write long elaborate and not to the point emails...wake up already! enjoy ur weekend peeps. x Teiko

Thursday, 8 October 2009

sad? wear sequinns baybay!

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated half a million people every winter between September and April; in particular during December, January and February.

Im thinkin maybe this is y ive been feelin a lil blah of late??!! seriously ever since the season changed im feeling like a) i need another holiday ...long weekend even?!?, i need to find a solution! hel-lo always brightens up a girls life! RIIGHT?...

Sequinns, look good on any shape any skin tone and instantly bring joy to my life! check out some of the latest most blingin outfits i found! ....

go B! i love this chick!

u my hero gurl....Hayden Panettiere

Rockin Elie Saab...

u got the x factor Ms Blurke!

i feel better seriously ;-)


Mary Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix


all jokes aside. for anyone who thinks they have SAD seek professional help. retail theraphy. prayer. do something dammit!

im leavin u with Alphabeat! i need this blue dress in my life...

Monday, 5 October 2009

Mark Fast Autumn 09

Above is Canadian designer Mark Fast, he sent waves ripplin amongst his design team (two of them apparently walked out!) by using...wait for it...models who where size 12 and 14 at London fashion week! Im thrilled at this move, his collection is amazing, promising to lift the gloom from the absense of sun this season...

i applaud him for this, its so refreshing and i hope this is the taste of more to come...

my eyes are on the burnt orange piece! i love ...

for more information go to! Autumn never looked so good

x Teiko