Friday, 4 June 2010

Gettin Carried away....clearly!

ok so last year i was like , no more alcohol, not like im an alcoholic but i was kinda thinkin, ive outgrown my frivolous Uni student party ways, and it was one decision closer to becoming a responsible adult....i even had a conversation with my friend Martin about how cool it is to be the only sober person at a party...1 house party later i thought "who needs self imposed rules"...the Sex and the city movie night, pre arranged by my mates Kerrie and Mourine reminded me that some rules are actually worth sticking too! ....not quite sure what happened during that film, the last thing i remember was the cab driver telling me about the crazy drunkards on road, and me thinking...gosh i hope he hasn’t figured out there is 1 behind him!!... if any of u see me drinking, just make sure its juice!!!!

great food, good company!

pre movie drinks...

group hug!

moved on to cinema photo session!

our own acting skills going on!

fun times! love u girls, Sex and the City2....not sure, but life being full of love , friends and fashion- a definate!

x Teiko

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