Friday, 13 March 2009

Media Madness

The media is of course a powerful tool, and when the whole Jessica Simpson weight gain pics where plastered all over magazines, i just rolled my eyes,im like im not even gonna put this on my blog! someone puts on a lil weight and so now its front page news! ..anyhow..

Being plus size like the deadly sin im being reminded....and its so frustrating because i think we should have realised by now that not all humans are one size, diversity! ... when i saw American idol Mandisa in the press i had to post, i was inspired

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she had her fair share of "fat jokes" on American idol by my fellow Brit Simon Cowell, but what i love the most was how she turned it around,and shes inspiring women with her music and her story! she talks clearly about her journey with her weight,her past and its inspiring, the truth always sets us free. True Beauty reminds us that we are all beautiful, period even if the media implies otherwise. Her next album which i cant wait to hear is out on the 24th March, exciting.

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oh Simon!

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Marian said...

Simon is such a meanie! Loving her cover for the true beauty.