Sunday, 15 March 2009


Beyonce does it again, this time she graces the April 09 edition of Vogue magazine!

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although its really encouraging to be claiming real women have curves, i think it somehow implies that your are not a "real woman" if you are super skinny etc etc .. i guess the media always has to make some1 the loser!! HOW ANNOYING anyhow, its encouraging, and i love B so its all good...happy sunday, bless, x teiko x


Gorgeous Black Women said...

I personally am not a fan of Vogue. I used to subscribe for years. I think they push the notion that you're not a worthwhile human being unless you fit their very narrow standard of beauty. When their sales slump, they take women like Beyonce (who is a US size 6/8 probably) or Scarlett Johansson (who is a US size 4 tops), throw them on the cover, air brush a dress size off of them and use their star power to get sales. It's opportunistic. Adele, the British musician, is in this issue I believe. I saw the hack job they did on her picture. I couldn't even recognize her. If in one issue out of 12 maybe, they show someone who isn't 5'10", white, 115 lbs and slap the label "real women" on it, I find it insulting to the 99% of women who aren't that tall, that thin and that white. I feel like they're using me to make sales and get advertising dollars so they can continue pushing a standard of beauty that is the exact opposite.

I definitely don't like the term "real women" since I don't believe one's ability to fill out a dress should be the standard by which we judge their woman-ness.

t*e*i*k*o*d*o*r*n*o*r said...

u make some valid points! we all real women!