Tuesday, 3 March 2009

always good to have options... Lingerie..

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i did say some time ago that i would be back with a post on lingerie for the more well endowed woman ;-) so what do women look for when looking for lingerie anyway? i dont think plus size women differ from any other females, we want style, comfort and SUPPORT, actually maybe we place slighly more emphasis on the support part.;-)...support not nec meaning clinical , medievil looking equipment to hold us in place however!

As i mentioned earlier, initially it was really annoying finding bras to do me any justice, there was support, but no style, style but totally uncomfortable, comfort but the most limited options, white/black/nude(nude as in light beige)/grey! what.!!!?..no fushia or aqua marine? ....but things have changed so rapidly, i've come across *numerous* sites dedicated to the cause so to speak, companies seem to have caught on fast and its amazing what is out there..ive just picked a few that have caught my eye, however there are a host, seriously! and most are available by just googling "plus size lingerie" ....


i bought my first bra from here..sigh.... (too much information?) ...

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its a uk based company, with their flagship store located in Covent Garden, they stock a host of brands and ive always loved shopping there, so many options! and they also do swimwear just as good....

Lane Bryant

If you havent heard of Lane Bryant before, they are major players in plus size retailing,US based they have a range of style available but have just introduced their Demi Bra, modeled by Ford's fabulous Crystal Renn (so adorable!) ok and wait, available in black, sugar, café mocha, cloudy day, grey, bamboo, watermelon and Caribbean sea, unfortunately for me, Ms 30g, its only available in size 36-48 C-H! but a girl can dream

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Hips and Curves

in for some treats here, they stock the usual everyday bra, but for something sexier, pvc options available ;-) they offer a wide range of lingerie...costumes and fantasy/shapewear/leather and patent...

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Simply be.co.uk

I love simply be not only because of the choice but also because they have teamed up with uber stylist *Gok Wan*, who has inspired his own range, not just lingerie but body shapers, which many a time are equally as important

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other companies to check out include,

-Oola Lingerie
-Free Pretty Lingerie

Most of these companies ship internationally, so even if you arent US/US based you can still get your hands on alot of the stock available....!

Im leaving you with a video from the talented, beautiful and inspiring , Jill Scott, as she so frankly put it, she has found a way of dealing with all that foolishness....The Butterfly Bra ;-) ;-)



Glenn said...

I never really thought of the struggle. My eyes have now been opened! Very insightful stuff ;)

t*e*i*k*o*d*o*r*n*o*r said...

the beautiful struggle! lol yeah keep em open! its amazing what's out there