Sunday, 14 March 2010

Kobi Onyame...

ok folks this is the last of my Ghana at 53...rd independence week of features im finishing off with a musician and i hope u love the feature....his name is Kobi! hes a ma z i n g here goes....

tell me about the kind of music you produce?

The music i make falls under the hip hop umbrella. It is a mix of the different musical genres i grew up listening to. Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Highlife, Gospel and more. I try not to limit myself to the type of genres i make as a producer nor as an artist. I also try to keep it as honest as possible.

what inspires you?

Life inspires me. It's the only thing that's real enough to inspire me. I am inspired by my life and things i go through and achieve, and also other peoples life and what they go through an achieve. I am also deeply inspired by my family and team.

some of the most influencial people youve worked with.

Music wise, i've opened up for a lot of different artists, i don't know if you'd class that as working with them but i like to think so! Working with Sway and shooting the video for my last record He Said She Said was very inspirational. Sway is a great person and very hard working. Some of that rubbed off on me. Also, to think of where i've come from to making a record with Sway or sharing a concert bill with incredible artists is very influential.

formerly know as jae p what inspred your name chage to kobi onyame?

I just felt Jae P didn't represent me anymore and what i wanted to put across in my music. I needed a name that was original first and also meant something. The acronym Jae P (just another emcee, producer) also felt i was selling myself short. I'm not just another emcee or producer, I'm me. Kobi is an acronym for Kwame Osei Barfour Is... it is a play on my real name and Onyame as a second or surname means God and it just symbolises how close i want God to be to me and during my music career.

what has been the most memorable moment of your career thus far

I'd say rocking the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury last year was amazing and the most memorable moment. Also, opening for Kanye West in front of 3000+ people was awesome!

any upcoming projects?

Right now i'm working on new music for an upcoming album. I've had a few names in mind for the project but keep changing it so i will keep the name under wraps till it's ready.

where can we hear more, and more importantly purchase your album

My first album Unsigned & Hungry is online on iTunes. You can get me online at,,, and holla at me on

love this song!

hope u enjoyed it as much as i did...its Mothers Day in the UK so happy Mothers day x Teiko

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