Friday, 12 March 2010

introducing Deborah Vanessa....

The pic above is of the talented Deborah Vanessa creator behind her own fashion label.. A dear friend, shes driven ambitious and uber talented, i love her range because its sassy sophisticated and fabulous and the pictures speak for themselves,(see me wearing one of the Deborah Vannessa skirts on a shoot;-) i don't think that skirt ever got back to her....

I caught up with the woman behind this exciting brand...enjoy x

whats the name of your brand? how did you come up with the name of your brand

Deborah Vanessa is the name of my label. The clothes I design are clothes that I will actually wear myself. They represent me, my style and my personality, so I named the label after me and so Deborah Vanessa it is.

When was your brand established?

Deborah Vanessa has not been officially launched, but I started selling custom made designs in 2009, although I was designing my own clothes since 2003. However, I hope to launch the label soon as I have been getting a lot of people asking me about a fashion show and a launch. I am just waiting for the right time, the right feeling and the necessary resources.

Me behind the scenes in a Deborah Vanessa creation...(holding on tight!)...

What inspired you to create it?

First of all the amazing fabrics produced in Ghana, my mother, my friends, acquaintances, facebook friends (hehehe) and random people who have expressed a lot of interest in my designs from all over the world inspired me to create the Deborah Vanessa label.

What type of woman wears your clothes?

Deborah Vanessa is for a free spirited, confident woman who wants to feel classy, sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Where can your products be purchased?

For now, I receive orders via email and mail out clothing from Accra and London. My email address is
Some samples can be viewed on facebook.

Name 3 things you love about Ghana

The freedom, the heat and the beaches.

I would definitely have to agree with Deborah ..enjoy ur weekend, x Teiko x

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