Wednesday, 10 March 2010

shes a diva....

the delicious Sandi herself!

This is the second installment celebrating my home away from home,Ghana, in aid of our independence week... I'm bringing your an exclusive interview with the creative, inspiring and stunning Sandi Owusu, founder of Diva Delicious......Yes Diva Delicious is the latest brand I've fallen in love with and i want to share the discovery...i kinda accidentally stumbled across one of these bags, and yes, i admit it was love at first sight...

Whats the name of your brand? and how did you come up with the name of your brand?

DIVA DELICIOUS, Diva because everything in the Accessories line is top quality and made for "high class" and delicious, because I want people to actually crave the bags.

When was your brand established?

I started Diva Delicious last year, in the beginning of 2008 , so about 2 years ago.

What inspired you to create it?
Well basically, I am a fashion addict; I love clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry etc, but unfortunately, I wasn't getting the stuff I liked here , so I decided to design and make my own bags - I started creating for myself, then my family, then my friends --and I thought, " I can actually make money out of this," so I decided to make an accessories line.

all designs are made by me, I sketch the craziest shapes, styles etc, but that is the best thing about Diva Delicious -- how unique and different it is from other brands.

What type of woman wear your bags?

Diva Delicious doesn't discriminate, everyone has a diva in them, so we target everyone from little girls to older women, that is one of the main reason we take custom orders, to be able to accommodate every one's taste.

Right now we are focusing on making Diva Delicious a brand that everyone recognizes and the feedback we are getting is AMAZING!! we are concentrating on the hats and bags hopefully to expand throughout Africa and but we are also currently sketching sunglasses and shoes.

Where can your products be purchased?

The bags are available at ReneeQ's behind Labone Coffee Shop,Oluti Lane and Suntrade, Asylum Down, however orders can be made through me at

I don't know about u but I'm craving! ...delicious..xx Teiko

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