Monday, 26 July 2010

This is Me: Kate Bomz

The second installment of THIS IS ME, celebrating faboulous, motivated stylish stunning sexy and all together beautiful curvy women!

Introducing Kate Bomz..stunning sexy and chic..

1.give me 3 words to describe your personal style?

Quirky, Afropolitan and Vintage.

2. what are your influences?

My influences really i would wholeheartedly have to say my family first and foremost, I go through photo archives like lookbooks. I am a lover of the yester years like i aforementioned vintage, i love vintage fashion! My late grandmother and Mother are actually quite the fashion afficionados, my grandmother being quirky fun but yet demure, She's mainly influenced me with all the lovely accouterments she would have in collection. My mother has always been pretty much classic with great simple taste, classic ferragamo flats, uniform of linen outfits for the hot African sun and so forth. I actually remember my mother making me carry a louis vuitton backpack back in highschool and everyone laughed at me.....yes of course all that has changed since LV has NOW become a household name. My mother was good for those...linen checked shorts with lining, sigh Mother dear! I will let you know i've rebelled all of my mothers influence, though i've kept the pearls.

If it's style icon wise, it would have to be Jacqueline Kennedy, Bianca Jagger, Edie Sedgwick, Grace Kelly, Prince, Grace Jones, Dorothy Dandridge, Donna Summers, Mobutu (do not judge me) and Tanzania's own Bi Kidude.

3. Tell me about your African roots, and how this has influenced your style.

I am first and foremost a proud African, and a Tanzanian, born and raised in the coastal town of Dar-es-Salaam. Being on the coast of the Indian ocean, you are exposed to so many cultures as it is a melting pot. I actually refer to Kiswahili as the Cosmopolitan language of Africa, with heavy arabic derivatives and borrowing from Portuguese, German, Hindi and so forth, then you add the magic of Bantu and their you have it. i actually spend a lot of time exploring the Swahili coast fashions with pictures from the early 1900s to present, riveting. I also love how innovative Africans, i track fashion subcultures that exist on the continent for instance the Sapeurs of the Congo, and Smarteez of Soweto, along with that, i am often very much fasicnated with the Fashion state of style our African leaders were at towards the decolonization era golden years 50's and beyond. Boy, we have always been fly! I attribute my whole being to the fact i am African, how else would i have taste?! ; )

4 Do you have any favourite designers? who and y

Well for right now....I really really really love these up and coming African designers
SUNO NYC- of Kenyan Origin. For the simple fact they use vintage khanga just speaks to my inner being!
Loin Cloth and Ashes by Anisa Mpungwe- Not to be biased but this is the best Tanzanian Designer out there right now, she is playful, thoughtful, smart and mega talented!
Chichia London- By another promising Tanzanian designer Christine Mhando who also uses the Khanga to create her ecclectic and quirky flirty dresses! i also love Mara Hoffman!

Also as of the last few days i have been obsessing over Maki-Oh (who i have to thank Oroma, editor of POP Africana for putting me onto her), whose garments evidently show you that every detail went thorough an intense creative thought process, it's definitely art! I also heart a lot of Mary Meyers work

I really have an unquenchable thirst for African creative talent, and that is what feeds and keeps me going. But if i were to namedrop some European counter parts hmmm it would have to be....hmmm... YSL, Chanel, Emilio Pucci !

5. Any style tips for plus size beauties?

Hmmmm....Go for it! whatever it is you've put together in your mind, but please do dress appropriately to compliment your figure. I would be lying if i said i had experience with this question, i just do and wear what i feel and want to wear.

6. have you ever faced any obstacles being a plus size woman, and if so how did you overcome them?

Hahaahaha people under estimating my athleticism (well back then), how i overcame them, I surpassed their expectations over and beyond. Or People just seem to think I have a low self esteem, like nooo i am perfectly fine in my mind body and soul. Also being curvy, you just learn to turn off all the lascivious comments that are ushered towards you, whether you are walking in the grocery store or down the street, I really wonder what goes thru the opposite sex's mind, oh wait...they don't think..Duh! Eureka : )

One thing, i find hard to do is shop, i am too small for the plus size stores and too big for the "normal" stores, whats the inbetween? forces me to get creative and do what i can with what i can and make it WORK! "Mekitdowatitdo!"

7. Tell me about how you stay so comfortable in you fuller figure?

You Know, i don't picture myself another way.....and people actually lecture me when i utter " I have to loose weight" they make it like i signed a contract to stay the way i am, which i am fine with..I just think i need to get in know...that's all. do you define a beautiful woman?

To be quite honest: Intelligent, self assured, bold, well-rounded and wise that there, is one beautiful lady!

9. your words of wisdom for blog readers?

Heheheheehe check out;! ; ) how's that for some bold self promotion : ) Blog readers, read a real news article in between blogposts...and stay away from the very annoying celebrity/tabloidish blogs..can't stand those!.thats all! hahaahahaaha..

10. 3 things you love about your figure

Teikooooooooo, I have such a hard time talking about myself..okay wide hips, thick legs and small waist! ; ) coca cola anybody? : )

Hope u love her as much as i do....stay blessed x Teiko ;-)

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