Saturday, 17 July 2010

im aging like fine wine.... complex and a little fruity

i decided to write up on age, last week my friend asked when my birthday was, and i snapped back at him proclaiming, "im happy and blessed and at least i have food and shelter..." urmm he was like ok then Teiko! but i realised i had to check myself, i mean i never thought i was so sensitive about my age?...i have friends who snap and say its rude to ask... and i hear really serious statements like.. "i cant believe i'm getting old"... "where did all the time go".... "at least you still look young" "i should be married by now"... slightly sad statements concerning the aging process...

i once read an article on how the traditional mid life crisis which occurs in your 40's has now shifted to a quarter life crisis where people in their 20's are facing internal struggles, debt clouding their dreams, thinking that ideal career would drop into their lap (often does not work that way) and being confronted with some bitter reality checks concerning friends... partners... and the truth about life not being one big party...

..Guess what? time waits for no one ....embrace life and its challenges which will inevitably arise at any age! Here are some older models i love... ive told myself that im going to celebrate gettin older - im way too blessed to be stressed!!! Enjoy!

1) Corduala Reyer

ive blogged about Corduala before, i really do think she is stunning, sexy and stylish...


British bombshell..still Iconic!


More beautiful with time...if gettin older looks this good, im all for it!

Teiko x forever 21 x ;-)

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