Saturday, 3 July 2010

Swim x

Its July, my birthday month! which means despite the disappointing football result last night, (Well done Ghana, you did me proud!!) its all things bright and wonderful from here on NOW!!! July has traditionally been vacation month, US Edition of Glamour Magazine recently featured a spread featuring plus size model Crystal Renn and alongside Alessandra Ambrosio, and Brooklyn Decker...

Behind the scenes...

Here are some of the pieces i found, hopefully givin you some insight into the types of shapes and cuts that flatter your figure and flaunt your curves! i also picked up some tips online which i hope prove useful!

1 If you’re small busted look for halter or bikini top swimsuits in lighter colors. And a plus size underwire swimsuit can help your bust by giving extra lift.

2 If you’re large busted you need support. Get strong straps that are wide rather than narrow as narrow straps will dig into your shoulders. Try a wrap or a surplice top.

3 If you’re a triangle shape get a swimsuit with a narrow belt and perhaps a wrap front. Go for wide shoulder straps.

4 If you have a long torso try a short tankini so that some of your belly shows to minimize the effect of your longer torso.

5 If you have short legs look for a style where the top of the legs is high up on your thighs to expose as much leg as possible.

6 If you have a belly that is larger than you would like try vertical stripes

7. If you have a wider waist avoid high neck suits and look for suits with a low cut curved neckline.

8 If you have broader shoulders use wide straps and designs which focus the appeal lower down, with perhaps great colors on a skirt bottom to give the illusion of wider hips.

now all you need is a beach! ;-) ....excuse the fact that most of the models are not plus size, but u get the drift im sure ...

Enjoy x love Teiko x

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