Wednesday, 30 November 2011

my pregnancy journey...yummy mummy is here!

It's been approximately 2months since I did my Ellen DeGeneres style dance out of hospital and back home!! For those of you who don't know ...i had a lovely baby boy Aaron in September, 8pounds 6...

He is *so* adorable, a real blessing.... I've now recovered from the trauma, somewhat regulated my sleep pattern, stitch's all healed up (TMI...HAHA)and am ready to blog again...

My Pregnancy...a synopsis

First Trimester

So I'm thinking, either i have a urine infection (constantly going to the bathroom) or i need to take a pregnancy test. All I knew was that something wasn't as normal, and low and behold, i was pregnant! we where kinda planning it, but i didn't think it would happen that fast (what do i mean by kinda planning lol...i know what i mean!)... I experienced a mix of emotions... happy, grateful, but also thinking omg! my life is sooo over....!

I didn't really have any cravings at that point, just really knocked out,i could literally sleep for the whole day, it was a cloud of heaviness over me, like Ive never been that tired before, i couldn't function!....To top it off i suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum which is basically excessive morning sickness, vomiting twice, thrice a day..not cool! Imagine eating, and throwing it back up 15mins later, all the time!

Above is a my brother and i at the Ghana v England match on the 29th of March! The next day i went to hospital with painful cramps, that progressed into bleeding, that progressed into crying..before this point i wasn't so attached to the idea of being pregnant, it was still early days,still overwhelmed, not quite hit home yet (i have delayed reactions alot...) but when in hospital,i nearly broke down with the thought that i could be losing my baby,i really did think i was having a miscarriage. Scary time. Only by God's grace.

Second Trimester

I was bridesmaid for my cousin Gemma! not a good look, the disconnection between my mind and body...the tiredness returned! I was anaemic by this point, just really really worn out! Great wedding tho!

By the end of the trimester, i was big, couldn't really sleep at all, as i started to get really severe heartburn, ouch ...the wonderful memories...(blank stare) my skin looked great none the less, and i had developed a love for all things Cheese and Tomato...and canned pineapples, it was so funny, like that was all i wanted..all the time..

Third Trimester

Diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which was really annoying as i had to take my blood sugar 4times a day and always see the consultant in hospital, which itself is a long boring process...always seeing the midwife, piercing me every moment!taking metformin every moment... seems like I'm complaining, and at the time i didn't really moan, just internalised the whole experience, as i didn't want to seem ungrateful, pregnancy is a blessing after all...but gosh, it was just getting too much! i just wanted baby out! pregnancy and Teiko don't mix.I kept staring at women with more than one child thinking, why would you go through this..

Very hormonal, and crying alot, and wow the road rage..poor drivers...and people kept asking whether I was sure im not having twins...urmmm like seriously..really?? ..(blank stare..sigh)...ohh the memories ;-)

I did a photoshoot, it was really fun (my facial expression may suggest otherwise) but really it was fun..i think in that photo i was still about 3 weeks away from having Aaron...

It was hard to walk, and i felt so heavy, and my skin went from beautiful glow, to mild acne(i want a clarisonic plus for Christmas;-)... I was kinda anxious, i read way to much information, and went on way too many pregnancy forums, so i had all kind of things going on in my head! i kept saying..what if...what if...what this! ohmygosh she had a 10lb baby..ohmy gosh they cut her open..ohmygosh they left her on the labour ward to deliver her own baby..and such..I must have been so annoying (poor husband) haha..

This picture was a few days before I was induced, we went to a friends wedding, i had just done my weave like a day before (bad bad bad idea!) I had initially chosen braids to be my "birth hairstyle" but after one braid, I was too impatient to sit there for hours and hours and changed my mind and went for the was so tight..bad move!plus I was sooooooo unbalanced, its funny looking back how much your body has to adjust for you baby. Aaron pressing down and me just about managing to roll out of bed...! My pregnant face in full force! And of course my raging hormones,

Tests before I was induced, to check baby, and I. Had to be strapped up for about an hour.In the end my labour was only 3 hours long, really painful,just gas and air! Childbirth is the worst kind of pain! But bravo i got through it! And you do kind of (i said kind of) forget the (majority) of the pain! When you see your baby, its all worth it..the most amazing moment seeing him, God is amazing!

Ma little baby is born! ...


10mins old with daddy...

3days old...

1month old...

2months old....

His nickname is zoolander...he loves to pout!!!

At the time pregnancy felt like one of the worst periods of my life!plagued with all kinds of complications..But God is so faithful! Prayer was enough! He is such a good little baby, and he has made me a far more patient woman. And also increased my faith, every time I look at him I realise how wonderful God is for my gift! He is so worth every moment of discomfort I felt. Coming home was nice, but a shock, I am still exclusively breastfeeding, and have only expressed once, meaning i have not had a full night sleep since, meaning "zombie mode" is a frequent church cooked dinner for us everyday for two weeks when he was born(thank u ladies), which was so great because i got into a nice routine with Aaron and enjoyed some amazing food!

Its just really wonderful being a mother.

Complete with baby dribble patch!

I'm now being the best and yummiest mum I can b...


Teiko and Aaron xx

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