Monday, 12 April 2010

Africa Arise

It seems only yesterday i was bloggin about designers and musicians from Ghana, this Spring/Summer i cant help but notice the comeback of all things African, from music to fashion, to film, its a good time to soak up some culture from the motherland....these are my favouite images, sites and sounds...this entry im looking at music fashion and art in place of my usual spring wishlist..enjoy!


ok growing up with a African mother, you cant help being surrounded by colours textures and shapes. From stiff sleeves to bright beads, all things bright and wonderful! this season follows suite...

Essence April 2010

Nicole and Paris -hawt

Harpers Baazer article which perfectly highted braclets and rings...

Fashion bold and bright...

Alicia Backstage..i cant wait for the new video...B and Alicia..Put it a Love song...

B backstage..i love this woman without hesitation.

Alicia beautiful in blue

The magificent Agbani

Size is everything

u cant really get more African than a zebra and leopard skin? can u! ? ohgosh

speakin of leopard skin...its tres sexy!...Ms Kelly



photos..Mike Schrieber Photography

We have the classis, Love Brewed In An African Pot, Kunte Kente, but we never had a musical, all in Pigeon English, (originally a trade jargon developed between the British and the Chinese in the 19th century, but now commonly and loosely used to mean any kind of ‘broken’ or ‘native’ version of the English language) quote btw.

Its called COS OV MONI! and i saw the premier last week in London, with the likes of Samini, DJ Edu, Deborah Vanessa, Bumi Thomas, Ndidi...”Coz Ov Moni”, produced by Panji Anoff & directed by King Luu

Group Hug!

Eccentric mix ! love u ladies...!

Deborah Vanessa and Wanlov

Bumi Thomas and friend

Deborah Vanessa and I

Bumi and I

Deejay Edu/Seyi/Wanlov

Already showing at film festivals around the world....

* Rio International Film Festival (Brazil)
* Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles)
* Black Filmmaker International Film Festival (UK)

Im confident u'll love it!



Akon's latest signing i must say hes favorite track thus far,Baby

sung in twi and English, i remember my husband playing this to me b4 we got married...aww baby! true love is working, cos i no dey feel no hurtin...;-) (i lorve u.ou yeh mi taste..;-)

It was love at first listening, Nigerian/French Artist Asa is a favouite, i love her!

Classic Wanlov tune...yes y'all some of u are doing Kokonsa (gossipin too much!)

Ima K'aana fan! Somialia represents!

Award winning Samini..Where my baby dey

Back to a few of my favourite beautiful African sista's...

Oriyomi Abiola - model activist and journalist,

Liya Kebede - out her foundation

Kate Menson - Face Of Africa 2008

Alek Wek- model and designer

Stunning Menaye

One of my first shoots-Teiko Dornor Tagoe;-)

Kiara Kabukuru

Art and Life

one of my role models, my sister, my best friend, we're kindered spirits, yes u Oyinda! i will actually be her friend forever, although she left me in London and re located off to Lagos, she was down for her birthday where we re connected! The other day we where havin a catch up chat and she sublty dropped news of her art like ok this is a big deal Oyinda!;-) ..if u are in Lagos, check it out!

Organised by Oyinda Fakeye, CCA,Lagos Art Project Co-Ordinator

Oyinda Fakeye exhibition organiser with artist Pinar Yolacan and CCA,Lagos director Bisi Silva.

bigger and better babe..i love u! (that gurl is fancy...).. yes ma gurl bloggs...

Bisi Sikva also has a informative and inspiring blog..

If u are in Europe , then there is a great event coming up in May...

The Africa Weekender (AW) is a live entertainment and networking experience, put together by The African Promoters Alliance who are a body of eclectic promoters and organisers whose main aim is to bring people together to experience and share differing cultural stimuli.

Our cultural diversity is what has inspired us to provide a body of Art, Artists, Theatre, Poetry, Live Performances, Culinary fusions and events with a commitment to enlighten, entertain and inspire.

The programme of events selected for the Africa weekender will provide a diverse yet intertwined fusion which enables a better understanding of the evolution of our cultural dynamic which has its essence steeped in community.

This is an opportunity to partake in a 21st Century African experience in contemporary Britain.

ok so u know i just copied and pasted , but sounds like a great weekend, for more info check out...

with every ticket you buy you get a free Fully Charged T-shirt! incentive enough for me...

im out! hugs and kisses x Teiko

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