Friday, 6 November 2009

something for the weekend....

ok so this weekend my friend Wanlov is performing ...and then on sunday im hosting a fashion show with designs from N'Kay designs, i love supporting up and coming designers and i met her in Ghana last year! so creative! basically i thought i would tell u abit about her via an interview she did on another blog..(is that like a violation of the blog code of ethics)...taken from

Ciaa:Tell us a little bit about yourself
Sheila:I am a British born Ghanaian who has lived in both countries long enough to appreciate what they have to offer. I am currently based in London.

Ciaa: how did you get into designing?
Sheila: It started off as a hobby really and the excitement grew from there, I definitely did not set out to get into this the fashion world but am glad I did.

Ciaa: What is the one thing that we should know about your latest collection?
Sheila: The current collection is aimed at the younger African generation abroad trying to get in touch with their roots via the African its wild and unexpected.

Ciaa: What motivate you to keep going ?
Sheila:Knowing that there are a lot of people out there doing the same thing as me and its up to me to make sure I stand out and be the best I can.

Ciaa:Who is your target market?
Sheila:With my next collection I am looking to target the more mature African woman in the diaspora and all friends of Africa with cutting edge styles that will appeal to them.

Ciaa: When you create something, what goes through your mind?
Sheila:The main thing I think about is "will people see this the way I do??" I try as much as possible to make my vision clear to people so I Mainly think of the best possible way to achieve that.

Ciaa: What is your personal style?
Sheila: I actually do not have a personal style and just go with the flow depending on how I am feeling, It can be floaty dresses and flats one day to slim fitting jeans with high heels the next.....very unexpected.

Ciaa: That is Great because I love to be versatile as well, now there are a lot upcoming designers of African descent in London ,what makes your line different ?
Sheila: There is definitely a lot of emerging designers in this field but we all have different outlooks, N'kya is different in the sense that its not just aimed at Africans but anyone looking to get in touch with our continent and get an idea of what the people are about regardless of where they are from. Hence our motto...'A sense of Africa, a touch of you..'

Ciaa: If you had to pick Any star ( S) to wear your designs who will it be?
Sheila: Gabriel Union, the American actress.
Ciaa:Who is your favorite African designer ?
Sheila: Xuly Bet ( Mali)

Ciaa:When do you hope to be in the next coming year.
Sheila: I would like to be Able to showcase my designs at the various fashion weeks in Africa and beyond.

Ciaa:Where and how can Ciaafrique Readers buy your designs?
Sheila:At the moment most of my sales are done from home but our website should be up and running soon which should make it easier to locate our team. I am a phone call away...

Ciaa:What are your thoughts on ciaafrique?
Sheila:Definitely loving the blog and how its getting people in touch with all the African talents out there. Well done to you and keep up the good work. God Bless.

Ciaa: I thank you so much for your time , And your are welcome back on Ciaafrique any time

What im most excited about is that the proceeds are going towards...Global Mamas...

Global Mamas enhances the international marketplace with unique, high quality, handmade apparel, and at the same time provides sustainable livelihoods for women and girls in Africa.

Sabina Efua Atta Assimoku lives near Moree, Cape Coast, and has had her own seamstress business for four years, before joining Global Mamas in December 2007.

Im extremely proud to be supporting them , check them out....

support the cause! love y'all

x Teiko

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