Sunday, 10 February 2013


First of all I have to start by apologising to Remi Ray.I did this interview in January and I'm posting this far too late. I really hope that my readers will be able to attend this event. I've been trying to play wife mother and blogger. .. something had to give.i want to be asleep, im lying in bed with my headphones on,Ms thing "regular" on repeat and using my last drop of willpower to type...but to cut a long story short I'm all hyped about London plus size fashion weekend. This Friday and Saturday. ... founder Remi Ray speaks. .... enjoy x ....
1. LPSFW is an amazing concept and a refreshing start to the 2013. What prompted you to come up with this event? Well I have always struggled to find clothing on the high street that I loved and really wanted to wear so I started Trapped in a Skinny World which was an online plus-size vintage boutique the business failed due to funding but the blog side of it still does pretty well. On the reverse of experiencing a failed business I learnt that timing is everything and it also allowed me to see potential opportunities this side of the water such as BPSFW.
2.Your website states that LSPFW aims to enhance, educate and and empower, can you tell us how some of the events over the weekend will do this,which events are you looking forward to especially and why? We aim to enhance the awareness of the plus-size women. Educate them via our styling master class and clothing swap shop And empower the ladies via giving them a voice to be heard by the plus-size panel discussion and watch amazing women that are a very similar representation of who they are grace the catwalk
3.This promises to be an amazing event and i'm sure that it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this stage, what keeps your so driven and motivated? Just given plus-size women a platform to show off that they are more than just a size or a label but women with great personality.
4.Who are your inspirational figures within the industry? My Business partner Rianne has showed me great ropes and understanding an I am grateful for her. Others such as Monif C, Gabi Fresh, Curvy fashionista and just women in business essentially.
5.There are many plus size models and designers who desperately want to get into the industry. Can you share you words of wisdom with us on the best way to make their mark? Research, be a happy learner and listener and always be polite to the people you meet as you never know.

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Hi hun great post! A post is never too late as long as its a good read!! I would actually like to get in contact with them - is there a website or contact info for them? I didn't find it in the blog post - thanks!