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i haven't blogged in like 6 months..


It has been approximately 6months since I last posted an update! Its seems like my life these last 18months continues to overwhelm me with new exciting life changing events... Combine a very professional burlesque routine, Raphael Saadiq (body parts) playing in the background and 4 inch stilettos and I'm glad to share with u all that I'm now expecting my first baby later in the year ;-)....

The first 3 months.... I have experienced what seemed like a series of evil symptoms from late night vomiting, to severe fatigue to deep sorrow, it really wasn't what I signed up for. I read all the books and knew what to expect but... do u ever really know until it hits u..the Dr said it was hyperemesis gravidarum ,I said it was cruel and unjust....

Fortunately for me after the 3rd month, my symptoms weren't so aggressive and have progressed to now being hungry all the time,cravings(scramble eggs and brown bread is he latest) painful leg spasms while I sleep, vomiting bile right after I brush..and seeing my figure 8 rapidly disappear to what now resembles the figure of Venus the god of fertility....

My lil kicker!

On the plus size..(no pun intended).. 3 baby scans later my husband and I have seen (and now felt) we have quite an active baby on our hands, and seeing the baby blowing bubbles and kicking around and having a good ol time in my womb has made the negatives worth it...I'm ready to blog again , or should i say we are ready... and if you haven’t noticed so much has been going on in the world of fashion esp fuller fashion...mainly all positive which is are my top stories..


Vogue Italia...editor in chief Franca Sozzani has kept me smiling over spring with the May 2011 Black issue of Vogue Italia celebrating the diversity of models such as Jeneil Williams, Lily Taylor, R’el Dade, and Ariel Meredith. Fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth and stylist by Giulio Martinelli won my seal of approval, with some of the most vibrant images Ive seen in a while...

love the fact that they used Afro textured hair..


...the June 2011 issue was followed by a break of the norm, with 3 very beautiful plus size models being featured on the front extends her quest to put a stop to anorexia and promote the positive body image which should all have of ourselves...shes states...'A growing number of readers are now asking to see – even in fashion magazines – a real world, made of real people who are not obsessed with staying thin, but are able instead to naturally accept and respect their bodies as they are.'..i love the black and white classic look and i know that its definitely a bold step in the right direction. Plus size models Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley work their magic!

God is faithful and more magazine eye candy was published, two of my favourite female celebrities graced the covers of Vogue..keeping me a happy Teiko ..who would i be talking about, Beyonce and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan of course...

yes, girls rule the world...

u can love people u dont really know.


I never thought it would become a compliment to describe a woman as having an Apple Bottom, but times are ever changing, and the successful fashion brand founded by Nelly, Yomi Martin and Ian Kelly has launched a plus size division catering sized Apple Bottoms women obviously..these jeans are great for women of all shapes, but especially girls with curves...bigger hips amd smaller waist...

Stunning model Kai Morae is the face of the lastest campaign, Nelly states “A woman should not try to fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the woman!”...

She told Gloss magazine, "I feel like I can talk to most girls and let them know you can still have the confidence of a supermodel even though you’re not that size. If you have confidence, that will help you succeed in so many different areas of life; it’ll help you in your relationships, it’ll help you in your career, it’ll help you in your life and it just helps you all around."

Role Model Kai


A wave of sadness swept across the modelling community as model, actress and producer Mia Amber Davis sadly passed away in May. Here is to celebrating life. The successful model was a role model and inspiration for so many and will forever remain in out hearts..

Rest In Peace


FAT and BEAUTIFUL contest...well they certainly dont mince words....

Israel was host to beauty pagaent for women founded by modelling agent Esterica Nagid...women from all over the country went to the city of Beersheva to compete for the crown, you had to be at least 176 lbs to enter.... The winner for 2011 went to 23-year-old Russian-born Tanya Fayman.

The political science student stressed physical beauty was not the most important thing to her.

"The most important beauty is beauty of the soul, and beauty of the heart, not just beauty of the body and face," she said.

Previous winners include Moran Barannes who won the title in 2009..


Lastly i'll leave you with an event which i really wanted to attend held between June 16-18th..the full figure fashion week held in NY and hosted by Shanda Freeman. The two day event featured shopping, panels , workshops and more all centred around the industry...

The winner of this years contest to be the face of the fashion week was Nina Taylor who followed last years winner Rosie Mercado.

Nina Taylor - winner 2011

Nina Taylor is a native of Washington DC. In May 2006 she completed her bachelors degree in Psychology in Pittsburgh, PA, December of 2009 she went on to complete her Master's degree in Human Resource Development focusing on education and training. Full time, Nina has a career in medical education in the field of Oncology and Virology (Cancer, HIV and Hepatitis.) She is responsible for the organizations, continuing medical education program accreditation as well as managing an educational tool for Cancer and HIV physicians domestically and internationally.

i really did just copy and paste the above paragraph (, but the moral of the story is Nina is a positive, well accomplished young woman, well done!

Rosie Mercado - winner 2009

Monif C won plus size designer of the year

And Plus Magazine Editor Madeline Figueroa-Jones won Magazine of the year!

until next time, stay blessed x Teiko and co ;-) x

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