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Anna Schloz

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Above is a picture of the beautiful Anna Schloz, she has been a committed inspiring and established plus size designer for over a decade now, its every models dream (well at least mine!) to model her clothes and with the launch of her new website amd her amzing new collection its apperent why!

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1) Anna you have been successfully designing for over 10 years, and your collections continue to go from strength to strength, how did you begin your career in fashion?

I started a sewing class when I was 13 as I was already 6ft tall and wore a size 12US and I could never find any young and fashionable clothes to buy. After sewing courses came pattern cutting courses and eventually I moved to London to study at St. Martins College. I set up my own label in my last year of college.

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2) You are a very beautiful woman, and have been a successful plus size model in the past, tell us a little about your experience as a plus size model? What where some of the highlights of your career?

Thanks for the compliment! I didn’t enjoy being a plus size model very much to be honest as I had to model such ugly frumpy clothes (plus size fashion was much worse 15 years ago). I was never very good at hiding my dislike for the pieces I was wearing and always thought that I could certainly do this better. I did however shoot an Anti Aids campaign for condoms which was great fun and I was on billboards all over Germany.

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3) Looking at your new website its is clear that you have a range of influences that go into your pieces, (esp the tropical collection which is a personal favourite!) how are you as a designer inspired?

The streets of London are truly inspiring , the fashion here is very creative and individual. So people watching is one of my favourite past times. I especially love everything vintage and visit Portobello market frequently for great finds.

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4) As a designer you work closely with models and agencies, do you think there has been an increase for plus size models, or do you think its still a niche market?

There are a lot more agencies now with great plus size models.
We are always looking for new faces . This niche market is growing!

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5) What are some of the most exciting things happening in the industry right now?

The credit crunch is difficult but also a cleansing process. I believe that some of the frumpier and out of date businesses have to go and we can focus on the new and exciting. I can feel an upswing already and sales for spring are very strong. We have just taken on Saks Fifth Avenue as a new online customer which is very exciting to us.

Our new much more sophisticated online store has opened!

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6) What type of woman do you think your brand appeals to?

Hopefully not only one type of woman....but a curvaceous woman who loves fashion and is interested in making herself look and feel great. We really have an amazing variety of customers and I love dressing women of all ages, cultures and sizes.

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7) You are originally from Germany, but reside in London, tell us some of the things you love about London?

London is very cosmopolitan. I love the multi-cultural society and the different influences in the city.

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8) What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love traveling and seeing different cultures. My last big trip took me to China to Thailand where I combined work with holidays. very inspirational.
I am also in love with my new puppy Frida and my boyfriend and me love walking in London’s parks with her. We have a great circle of friends who we see nearly every weekend.

'If you are bored in London, you are bored of life'

There is something for everybody.

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9) tell us about one of the most exciting points of your career thus far?

Moving into our new big offices in December was a highlight as working in here is so much nicer.
Selling to stores like Saks , Neimans and Harrods is a great feeling as my designs get appreciated.

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10) Lastly, where can we find out more about your pieces?

On our brand new website , we update it every month with news and new items!

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x Teiko

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